Actress Susan Walters played man-eating architect Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless, where she stole her ex's frozen sperm, then burned her own home down and framed her rival for arson — all in the name of obsessive love. Next up, she's the foster mom to a teenage female hellspawn in Fox's new nighttime spook-sudser, Point Pleasant, debuting Jan. 20. Here, the 41-year-old Walters — who's the real-life wife of Melrose Place and Y&R alum Linden Ashby — dishes her fabulously soapy career.

TV Guide Online: With apologies to Alex Donnelley, who originated the Y&R role back in 1982, your Diane was more... youthful. Isn't it odd when soaps recast roles with younger actors? It's like a time warp!
Susan Walters:
[Chuckles] People on the show were very complimentary to me. We'll just leave it at that. I think the other actress felt I was cast on my similarity to how she looked. I don't see any similarity other than that we both had brown hair. They were just trying to cast the part in a way that would work for the show.

TVGO: People make so much of the antics on Desperate Housewives, but torching houses was just a typical day at work for you on Y&R.
Well, yeah, no kidding. Except what's so much fun about Desperate Housewives is that there's a sense of campy fun to it. The norm for daytime is that one takes oneself very seriously. Diane had major issues going on.

TVGO: Speaking of Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria was your character's best friend on Y&R.
Yes! She played my girlfriend Isabella.

TVGO: Whatever happened to Diane, by the way?
What's hysterical is that on my very last episode, I asked Neil for a job because Phyllis and Drucilla were fighting so much. And he said, "I'll think about it. Lemme get back to you." And we never saw me again! Well, it worked out for me because I went on to do an independent movie in Utah and then I got this Fox show, Point Pleasant.

TVGO: So what's Point about?
It's debuting after The O.C., which is very exciting. It deals with the dark side and the supernatural. Within that, there's husbands and wives and teenagers exploring their relationships. It's good. I'm just having a blast playing Meg Kramer, the doctor's wife. We take in this mysterious girl, Christina, who's found in the ocean. It's a coincidence because my character's been grieving, depressed and taking pills because her oldest daughter drowned three years ago. There's also a love triangle involving a single mom who's after my husband!

TVGO: What's Christina's supernatural connection?
It's the Devil, basically. You'll definitely see a lot of the priest trying to help the daughter of the dark side. She's fighting her destiny. Of course, my character doesn't know anything about that.