While most girls her age were worrying about what to wear to the prom, Young Americans star Kate Bosworth was busy memorizing her lines for the WB drama.

"I missed my prom because I was working," the actress tells the TV Guide Channel. "[But] I got to dress up for an episode and someone made it so that it was like my prom. So it's cool. They really do work with me like that."

Bosworth, an accomplished equestrian whose big break came in 1998's The Horse Whisperer, says she's been so busy shooting the Baltimore-based prep school drama that lately she hasn't even had much time for riding her beloved horses.

"I barely have time to breathe," says Bosworth, who spends up to five hours each day on her schoolwork in addition to her busy production schedule. "Everyone's like, 'How's Baltimore?' And I'm like, 'I don't know! My set's great, my bed's great. The Harbor? I have no idea!' "

On the bright side, Bosworth says off-set socializing with her Young castmates has been a lot of fun. "We hang out with each other on the weekends and we keep saying, 'Hey, at least we can stand to be in the same room together for longer than an hour!' " she says. "And then everyone's like, 'Wait till next season ? we'll see then if we can.' "