Yes, I'll say it: Tonight's episode was a real gas!
10:01 pm Bobby is having a "no girls allowed" camping trip, but even if the promos didn't reveal it, you just know that Whitney's gonna show up.
10:03 Bobby continues to expand his positive image by saying, "You can never have enough guns." Nice answer (after being asked "Why would you want to shoot a bird?"): "Because we gotta eat."
10:04 Bobby's father, Pop Brown, does the Funky Chicken (continuing the bird theme?).
10:05 Bobby, Pop and cousin Billy Brinson converse with each other in song.
10:06 Bobby Jr. begs Pop to "stop fartin'" and Pop blames it on the beans.
10:12 After Whitney calls Bobby to tell him she's on her way, he leans over and does a one-cheek-sneak. As I said last week, riveting television.
10:15 Whitney has arrived, and Bobby reveals his protruding stomach, causing Whitney to say, "He's carrying the baby this time."
10:16 Bobby and Whitney do an impromptu a cappella duet of "Fire" by the Ohio Players.
10:19 Bobby and Whitney get in the "yacht blow-up boat."
10:20 After whispering sweet nothings in Bobby's ear, Whitney rows for a full minute.
10:21 Bobby farts again, prompting Whitney to exclaim this week's Being Bobby Brown catch phrase: "Eww! The bugs that must be up your ass!"
10:26 Bobby burps and says, "Something's going on with my stomach."
10:27 Whitney, flippin' thru a celeb mag, wants to be invited to Beyonce and Jay Z's wedding and loves Jennifer.
Next week: It's Mother's Day, so needless to say, it will be one mother of a show