Drew Ryniewicz Drew Ryniewicz

Last night's double elimination on The X Factor was filled with more than the usual drama. After Astro was eliminated, Drew Ryniewicz — who cried throughout most of the show — and Marcus Canty sang to save their spots in the competition.

The resulting votes by judges L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul to send Drew home visibly angered fourth judge and Drew's mentor, Simon Cowell. After blaming himself for his poor song choice the night before (he said he made a mistake picking a too-slow rendition of "Billie Jean") and begging Nicole and Paula to give her a second change, Simon joined a tearful Drew onstage and refused to comment to a clearly flustered host Steve Jones.

Drew, 15, talked to reporters about her emotional elimination, having Simon as a mentor, her plans for the future and that song choice. — Sydney Bucksbaum

Do you agree with Simon that your elimination was his fault because of the song he chose for you?
Drew: I don't believe that it's all Simon's fault. He did want me to do a slow song and he very much enforced me to use the chair (in which she sat during the entire performance). But overall, I still had the overall decision and I didn't fight for exactly what I should've.

How did having Simon as your mentor influence your performances?
Drew: I don't feel that Simon pushed me to do anything. We both thought that slow music could happen over and over, and finally when I didn't agree anymore it was too late, you know? I got eliminated.

How do you feel about the other judges' votes to send you home?
Drew: I feel like the judges maybe had enough of seeing me doing slow songs and they didn't think it was worth a shot with Simon. Simon apologized and they knew that it wasn't me. They told me, they said I know that last performance probably wasn't your choice. I just think that they really wanted Simon to realize that you can't just let someone do one thing. Because I had so much more that I can show and Simon knows that.

What has this whole experience been like for you?
Drew: This is unbelievable. It was so surreal because I got to work with Simon Cowell and get real buddy-buddy. It feels like a dream now, now that I'm looking back at it. It feels like totally a dream.

What are your plans for the future?
Drew: I am so excited to make my first album. That is going to be like my first child. I can't wait.

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