X-Files: The Movie courtesy 20th Century Fox X-Files: The Movie courtesy 20th Century Fox

The truth isn't out there, it's right here: X-Files leading man David Duchovny recently hooked up with Gillian Anderson and their former series' creator, Chris Carter, to discuss a second movie follow-up, SCI FI Wire reports. (Go ahead and plotz. I'll wait.) "It was more emotional than I would have thought it was [going to be]," he said of the confab. "If you spend that much time with people and go through that much, there's a lot of residual feeling."

X-2 is tentatively scheduled to shoot in December, with Carter directing from a script that he penned with X-phile Frank Spotnitz. "I want us to go out and do what the show always did best, which is really smart, scary, ultimately ambiguous stuff," Duchovny said. "There's been a lot of shows and movies that kind of tread the same area, or tried to, and I think we always did it best. And I hope we can go out and do it best again."

Wednesday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner.