If all goes according to plan, 24-year-old World Wrestling Federation star Test hopes to retire within 10 years.

"To be honest with you, I'll be glad when the time comes when nobody knows who I am and I can be just myself again," the popular wrestler tells TV Guide Online. "I mean, sometimes you just want to be normal. You've got to have your own time and your down time."

Test, one of the youngest superstars on the WWF roster, says he expects to retire his famous flying elbow drop well before age 40. "At 34, I can see myself sitting on the beach with a big margarita, retired.... It will be hard to step out of the spotlight, but I mean, at the same time, people don't understand what we give up... I'm gone 310 days a year on the road."

And it's not just the traveling that has taken its toll on the former Mötley Crüe bodyguard. "You can get hurt," he adds. "The injuries are very real. I've had a bad back, I had bad knees. I was just out for three weeks with three herniated discs, broken fingers."

Believe it or not, the 6-foot-6-inch, 282-pound Test also has to deal with the occasional smart aleck who will try to pick a fight with him in public. But Test says he doesn't take the bait. "Most of the time they're doing it just because they will turn around and sue you," he says. "I like my bank account and I like my checks. I don't want to be breaking them off to anyone else just because they wanted to start something with me."