Wow. Caesar's named emperor by a senate that has no choice, and immediately promises "justice, peace and land for all its citizens, not just the privileged few." Sounds nice, huh? Wonder if he'll stick to it any better than our contemporary politicians. Speaking of politics, those pale in comparison with the cold maneuvering between Atia and Servilia, which we see when Atia shows up to see how Servilia's recovering from the attack Atia herself ordered. Hmmm... one has ruined the other's relationship and had her whipped and stripped naked in the street, the other's maneuvered her rival's kids into bed with each other to try to get inside info on her former lover. And they say the men are cruel? Moving along, anyone else betting Lucius is too honest for the politics game? Or that Servilia's really going to regret taking in Pompey's sadistic son Quintus, who we've seen torture a guy with hooks? Then we get to some potentially happy stuff, with Pullo buying Eirene's freedom and generating some genuine smiles (a rare thing on this show). Of course, I know that ain't gonna work out, but it's far worse than I thought, as Eirene's lover thanks Pullo for the gesture and earns himself a gruesome death. I still love the guy, but yeesh... what he's capable of sometimes. Just tell me he's not going to go work for Erastes. He hasn't fallen that far.