The words "extreme camping" hardly scratch the surface of this hour. Nor do they do justice to the skills the kids pick up. How does rappelling down a cliff build self-esteem? It forces you to face your fear, of course. Kudos to Lexie, who triumphed over her terror and rappelled down, despite her sobs. I tried climbing once and didn't realize I had fears until I met them at the top of the mountain! Hence I can empathize with Derek, who decided to sit this one out. Nick's dyslexia causing the others to laugh during a simple division problem was quite sad. But his emotional honesty when talking about the disability was another Brat milestone. And he started a fire to boot! (This was another "skill," meant to boost his confidence.) Fire-lovin' Isaiah also started a blaze and remarked that he now has a "different respect for fire." And all was right with the world. Finally, Lauren talked to Mother Raven about the death of her father. My viewing companion cried. I wondered why she was eating a carrot in a therapy session. All in all, rappelling and arson are skills that can be put to use if these kids can be pointed in the right direction.