Add television talk show appearances to Woody Allen's ever-growing list of neuroses.

The 64-year-old actor-director, who many years ago had no problem making the rounds on such talk TV staples as The Tonight Show and The Joe Franklin Show, has flat-out refused DreamWorks' request to promote his Small Time Crooks on the late-night chatfest circuit.

"[DreamWorks execs] asked 'What are you prepared to do to help us?' " Allen tells TV Guide Online. "They asked, 'Would you go on television and do Jay Leno and what's his name... the other guy?' I said, 'I'd rather not do that.' "

Allen instead agreed to an alternative PR journey that has him touring the campuses of New York University, the University of Chicago, UCLA and Harvard. "I felt that would be my contribution instead of doing television shows," he says. "They fly me there, people see my movie, I answer questions and then I go. My feeling is it's not going to make any difference whatsoever. The fact that I'm speaking to a film class at the University of Chicago is not going to send people to my movies, but I'm willing to try if they want."

And it's a helluva lot easier than doing talk shows, as far as Allen is concerned. "I find it hard," he says of the guest spots. "I don't like to go on television and tell people how great my movie is. I feel, let them say it. It's not nice for me to be the one to tell you how good my film is. I feel shy to do that."