What does it take to keep Bruce Willis happy? Just let him play a jerk every now and then.

"I like being able to play a jerk," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "A lot of actors won't do that. A lot of actors kind of just want to look good all the time. I kind of seek stuff out where I'm less than appealing."

Willis gets the opportunity to show off his jerk skills in his latest pic, Disney's The Kid, about a workaholic who comes face-to-face with his younger self. The actor says his latest character's nothing like his real self, a father of three who spends a lot of time staying in touch with his "inner child" and keeping his work in check.

"It's easy for me to goof around and not take it seriously," he says of moviemaking. "It's just work. It's something we do from the age of 20 to about 55."

"I lost some friends to untimely deaths and accidents and I realize how brief our stay is here on Earth," says Willis. "I am very aware of how fast time is flying by and how your life goes by."