Heene family Heene family

Sheree Silver, the woman who lived with the Heene family on Wife Swap, said Richard Heene, the father of balloon boy Falcon, "had the mind of a mad scientist" and a short temper.

"He wasn't very nice to me," Silver told People. "But ... I don't think he would be physically abusive."

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During her time with them, Silver said Heene, who could face felony charges in the balloon boy incident that officials have now deemed a hoax, displayed his inclination to scold — to both her and his three sons. "'My Dad can really yell, can't he?'" son Bradford, 11, once said to Silver, she recalled.

Silver, a psychic from St. Augustine, Fla., said she was the target of Heene's verbal abuse when she attempted to make him "space eggs" — yolks on top of the egg white — the way his wife, Mayumi, did. When Silver cut into the yolk, Heene yelled, "Oh my God. You just killed the mother ship," she said.

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