Let the theorizing begin.

Details on the second season of HBO's Westworld are few and far between right now, but that doesn't mean the showrunners (hosts?) aren't giving their guests something to snack on while the puzzle pieces are put back into place for a new round of robotic fun.

Redditors have been having a field day with the show site's latest addition over the weekend: a takeover video that shows a user trying to reach the digital realm outside of the park for help. "Is anybody out there. Something's gone wrong. We need help, can you hear th ..." the message begins, before the system is overridden with a message of calm that reads, "All is well. Celebrations continue."

Fans noticed right away that the phrase "Journey Into Night" that's flashed in the promo matches up with the title of the new season's opening episode.

So, what does this mean? Well, the popular theory (so far) is that after the events of the first season — when Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) killed off the park's creator and thus ushered in a new era of robotic resistance to the absolute servitude they'd been living in before — the hosts are going to be running roughshod over those unlucky guests who just so happen to be on vacation at Westworld during the uprising.

Others suspect it may be a message from the long-lost Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodword), who viewers were led to believe had died, but whose body was never shown.

In either case, this is certainly a creative way to get those mental wheels turning among Westworld fans. It's almost like they're actively planting ideas in people's heads just for sport. Almost.

Westworld will return in 2018 on HBO.