Kate Walsh, <EM>Grey's Anatomy</EM> Kate Walsh, Grey's Anatomy
The West Wing
After nearly a month off, The West Wing returns. And so does our old pal Toby. I can't say it was a very joyous a reunion with Josh, though. Man, what's this guy so bitter about? He made his bed by leaking top-secret info to the

Times and now he's got the cojones to lecture Josh about the merits of hubris and integrity? Pride goeth before, during and after the fall in Toby Zeigler's case. Josh was right to call him a "bastard," but he was also PO'd because Toby was on the money about the president's negative assessment of the Santos campaign. Of course, Bartlet's opinion was the least of the campaign's worries as they tried to deal with a racially charged shooting in L.A. After a disastrous trip to the young victim's home, Santos saved the day with a powerful speech, straight from his heart, at the funeral service. My only question was: Why didn't the writers give Jimmy Smits anything as good as that "We're tired" riff to say during November's live debate? It looks like Lou was correct: People don't want candidates to close their eyes and pray, we want them to open their eyes and lead.

Speaking of eyes, what in the holy hell is up with Janeane Garofalo's eyebrows? 

Then there's poor Ellie. Planning a wedding's hard enough (my wife told me all about it), but planning a White House wedding looks nightmarish. All we had to worry about was which cousins to seat furthest from the bar, not whether our DJ might start an international incident by playing "Baby Got Back."

Final thought: Anybody else think it was odd that Kristin Chenoweth had more lines in her cheeseball Old Navy commercial than in the entire episode during which it aired?