Stephenie LaGrossa, <EM>Survivor: Guatemala</EM> Stephenie LaGrossa, Survivor: Guatemala
The West Wing
Alanis Morissette once told us it was ironic if it rained on your wedding day. So what is it when China and Russia get into an armed border dispute that could escalate into World War III on your wedding day? Well, pretty damn inconvenient, actually. All POTUS wanted to do was walk his little girl down the aisle and he wasn't about to let a couple of nuclear powers stop him. How cool was it when Bartlet asked the Chinese premier if he could hold his troops in Kazakhstan for an hour for the nuptials? No wonder the groom, Vic, was so intimidated to sit down with his future father-in-law. Hell, I was nervous to meet my future wife's dad and he sells industrial equipment. I can't imagine marrying into a family with their own Secret Service detail.

Usually the father of the bride has to deal with money issues, but it was the Santos campaign that was short on cash this week. Josh damn near lost his mind (and his job) trying to figure out where to best spend the remainder of the dwindling war chest. Even if he did screw up the campaign strategy in Illinois, I thought it was pretty disloyal of Santos to consider canning Josh, who was the only one who believed in a Matt Santos run to begin with. But what can you expect from a guy who doesn't know how to order or eat a cheese steak? As a Philly guy, he would have lost my vote right then and there. Never Whiz, never. Luckily, Leo was able to give Josh a much-needed pep talk and Santos an even more needed kick in the butt. Leo's right: It's up to him now.