Wacky Rob Schneider says he's gaining back some of the pounds he'd shed in preparation for his role in the surprise hit comedy Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

"After the movie, I hit every Fatburger in California," the former Saturday Night Live star tells Maxim. "I gained back 10 pounds ? mostly in my ass."

The muscularly challenged funnyman says he prepared for the movie's many nude scenes by working out, dieting and eating a lot of protein bars. "But I didn't go too far, because a good-looking guy naked isn't funny at all," he says. "A guy who isn't in shape is kind of funny. Unless you're really out of shape. Nobody wants to see that."

Schneider never worked as a gigolo in real life but he does tell the magazine about dozens of jobs he took before finally making it as a comic. "The worst was crawling underneath houses and breaking rat-proofing material with a hammer and seeing dead cats and other gross stuff."

Any chance he'll be reprising his on-screen persona as America's funniest gigolo? "Depends on how much money I blow through," he says. "So far I still have enough cash for the next month or two. But if I develop a monumental drug habit, then yes, I'd say there might be at least one more."