Kaitlyn Dever, Tim Allen Kaitlyn Dever, Tim Allen

I'm a sucker for tradition, and there are probably worse ideas than ABC reviving the "TGIF" concept of family-friendly sitcoms on Friday night. Depending on your generation, you may find yourself thinking nostalgically of watching The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family with the babysitter, or growing up with the Full House-Family Matters-Boy Meets World-Perfect Strangers brand of ABC comedy. Hold on to those memories, because unfortunately, there are few shows this season worse or more grating than tonight's Malibu Country (8:31/7:31c), where the beachfront corn grows awfully and annoyingly high.

We'd hoped for better from Reba McEntire, one of the brightest stars in country, who conquered Broadway for a time and acquitted herself well on The CW's good-natured Reba in the early 2000s. Once again, she's playing a wronged wife, who packs up her two kids and their wacky granny Lillie Mae (a wasted, in more ways than one, Lily Tomlin) and heads to her ex's Malibu beach house to restart her career. Bad and tired idea, and the execution could make you yearn for the subtle sophistication of The Beverly Hillbillies.

Reba endures jokes about not being young and sexy enough —t hough there's no evidence she actually believes this — and has to put up with her kids' whining about their posh new surroundings ("Even the ugly people are good-lookin'"), while adjusting to Left Coast attitudes about such things as kids who may or may not be gay. (A situation Modern Family handled this week with much more aplomb, and which The Middle has been milking for laughs for years.) With the exception of Tomlin's laid-back cackle, as she gets stoned on pot-laced lollipops, everything is played at an unbearably shrill pitch, especially whenever Sara Rue pops in as an aggravatingly perky, nosy, huggy, New Age-y neighbor. These are all such likable performers you can't help wonder what funky karma led them to end up in this Malibu-boo.

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