What does Mama Wayans think of the raunchy comedy displayed by sons Marlon and Shawn in Scary Movie?

"She said 'It was funny, but sometimes you all went too far,' " Marlon confesses to TV Guide Online. "She wasn't mad. She was just like, 'You know, there were some really big laughs in there, but sometimes, you know, y'all just a little... crazy.' "

Shawn says if you want to see the dangers in trying to aim a pic at his parents you need look no further than the 1994 box office dud Blankman starring brother Damon. "See what happened?," he says. "That's just not our tone. That's not our sense of humor. Maybe one day, when I'm 65, then hopefully they'll be around and I can do some Clint Eastwood movie for them."

For now, the brothers prefer getting their laughs with over-the-top gags that are sure to be a hit with the South Park crowd. How over the top? Let's just say Scary Movie is probably the first horror pic to show a man getting stabbed through the head by a penis.

"The truth is, we know what our audience is, we know who we're trying to appeal to and if the 65-year-olds are lovin' our movies then we're doing something wrong," says Shawn. "When you're 65 you leave your house like once a month [and] that's to go to the doctor."