Rob McElhenney, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Rob McElhenney, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

They may be "the gross crew," but they're our gross crew.

Last night, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returned for its new season and as usual, the comedy's crassest laughs were as plus-sized as star/series creator Rob McElhenney, who has famously packed on 50 extra pounds to play up Mac's attempt at "cultivating mass."

Ever the show that shows no respect, the particularly raunchy opener was a mélange of wrong, from Frank's ill-fated plot to marry a crack-smoking hooker with the mouth of a Scorcese flick to Dee's dalliance with foot fetishism to Charlie's bloody barf-fest in the back of that limousine. Nothing is sacred, no one is spared and nothing on TV touches the level of "did they really just do that?" this crew continues to achieve.

And God bless 'em for their bawdy bravery. To paraphrase Dennis's take on his sister's hope for a better "second act" in life, we for one don't want things to change. Except maybe Mac's weight and his blousy Tommy Bahama shirt. Because neither of them look good.

Did you check out Sunny last night? Was it everything you hoped for? Tell us below while we work on our hummingbirds.

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