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As a newbie to the world of LUX, I gotta say, what an Unexpected treat!

After hearing all sorts of praise for the show during its first year, the expectations were pretty darn high for last night's second-season premiere. And not a single one went un-met. In fact, the return delivered on more than just the fawning blurbs that have been tossed around about this show, proving that yes, it is indeed the drama most likely to steal your heart. It sure snagged mine — while burning down a bar, no less.

Not that this is a show that needs big, stunty moments (and the bar blaze was so not) to hook viewers. Obviously, Life's appeal is the giant soul it packs into the stories, whether it was Lux getting honest with Bug about not wanting to be engaged at 16, newlywed Cate being fired from the radio show while wrestling with her feelings for her ex, or Baze manning-up to his dad about fixing the bar...and his broken life. It also doesn't hurt that the cast is really good. It's a rare gem that can make you care about an entire ensemble that's riddled with so many flaws and romantic dysfunctions.

Now it makes sense why people love this show! And since last night's episode set up several juicy plots (including one straight out of Pretty Little Liars featuring Melrose survivor Shaun Sipos), Season 2 seems primed for even messier emotional stuff. Some that may either excite or irk fans. But hey, if you really love something, you take the good and you take the bad, right? After all, those are the facts of Life.

Are you a LUX fan? What did you think of the season-opener?

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