Stephen Moyer Stephen Moyer

Trick and treat!

Halloween came to Bon Temps early last night as True Blood wrapped up its season with an hour that was everything — haunting, hilarious and heartbreaking. And while we mourn several losses, Samhain down South brought with it a twist we can totally live with: ghosts.

Much like the Vampire Diaries finale last May, we got a peek at some of the dearly and dreadfully departed from Blood gone by after Sookie, Tara and Holly summoned the sprits of "those who watched over" them to vanquish witch-bitch Marnie once and for all. Gran, Rene, even poor, sweet Jesus, all walked once more, most for just a few crazy scenes to either rescue Bill and Eric, warn Arlene or comfort Sooks, as well as possibly set up a ghoulish new storyline. Just imagine all the characters who could come back! So let's light a candle, call to the four corners or whatever floats your boat and hope that the writers go there next season. Otherwise, some of the fan faves who left this mortal coil during the episode won't stand a chance of ever coming back when new episodes return in 2012.

What did you think of True Blood's finale? Love the ghost stuff, or should some of the hour's casualties (cough, Tara, cough) stay dead?