Tyler Posey Tyler Posey

Now this is how you reboot a classic, kids.

Last night, MTV debuted Teen Wolf, its new take on the Michael J. Fox flick about a pubescent dog-boy, and gave it a whole new leash on life.

Wisely, they did so by going more bite-and-fright than tongue-in-cheek, infusing this update with that Vampire Diaries vibe of hormones, hotties and horror, a cast of impressive newbies and a mythology worth getting caught up in.

Following the geekploits of high-school nobody Scott (Tyler Posey) after his full-moon brush with a big bad wolf, TW packs in a lot and pulls it off with a style not often equated with the network that gave us J-Woww and Jesse Camp. Scary, sexy and addictive from the get-go, the hour-long series seems set to feed on the Buffy theme of a quippy teen dealing with extraordinary abilities — in this case, the gift of serious facial hair and the fingernails of a hobo — while flipping the script by making Scott the prey and his crush's daddy the slayer-in-waiting. Wherever that storyline is heading, it's sure to be bloody good fun to follow. And we, for one, are hungry for more of the Wolf.

What about you?

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