It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Of course the Paddy's crew would get gay marriage so twisted that even married gays (or Mac) would use liberal Biblicisms to get it banned.

And we'd have it no other way. Back for their sixth season last night, the barflies of Brotherly Love mixed the issue into their usual cocktail of wrong and raunchy, and ended up with yet another those artfully offensive episodes that had us choking on our alley almonds.

It's all too demented to explain here on a family-friendly website, so let's just say that it started with the return of transsexual Carmen — who further confused Mac's sense of sexual orientation now that she's (in his words) fully snip-snipped — and ended with Charlie and Frank filing for domestic partnership, and Dennis suddenly married to the dead-toothed girl of his high-school dreams. Maureen Ponderosa. Remember that name, folks.

Given the fact that nothing is too gross for this group, which is kinda why we love them, it's no surprise that God, vomit-inducing bedmates and raging halitosis all came in to play. As did about 120 obscenities. What is a surprise is that Sunny remains as scrappy and solidly hilarious this many seasons in. And with upcoming episodes employing Kaitlin Olson's real-life pregnancy (she and hubby Rob McElhenney just had their son in August), you know that it's only gonna get better. Maybe not for Sweet Dee, but definitely for us.

To paraphrase Charlie, there's a lot more jelly in this donut. Do you agree?

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