Phillip Phillips Phillip Phillips

Well, well, well. It's been a while since American Idol gave us a moment like this. Last night, with just three finalists left, Phillip Phillips went and blew us away with two standout performances.

First was his ferocious take on Madcon's hyped-up version of the Four Seasons' "Beggin'." As usual, he played fast and loose with the melody, but the life he shot into that song splashed all over the stage and proved once again that this isn't just a singer, but a musician. His middle tune — Matchbox 20's "Disease" — was solid, if a little sleepy, but his closing song woke us right back up and more than made up for any complaints we might have had.

Assigned Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight" by mentor Jimmy Iovine, P-Squared went old-school balladeer and nailed it. No guitar tricks, no Dave Matthews growl, no crazy leg moves. Just his vulnerable upper register and a single spotlight. Oh, and a palpable connection to the music that put Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet's "look at me being passionate" vocal histrionics to shame. It was, as Steven said, "beautiful."

But was it enough to get him to the finale? We'll know tonight, but before then, y'all should feel free to share your takes on the final three and whether Phillip should be one of the final two!

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