Ashley Hebert Ashley Hebert

Oh Ashley, you poor, silly pretty girl.

Last night, The Bachelorette spent her second episode pretty much making sure that we all saw how clueless she is when it comes to guys. It's kind of a shame, really.

First, the adorable semi-dentist (turns out someone is still waiting for to finish those credits from the University of Pennsylvania) admitted — like eight minutes into her date with William — that she was falling for him. "I don't know if any guy could be as great," she proclaimed before spending any amount of time with the other remaining 17 fellas. Miss Hebert may want to learn how to pace herself... and quit patting herself on the back for being able to "read" how sincere Bentley is being. Especially since the d-bag is giving confessionals every chance he gets to talk about how he's not into Ash at all.

Then, to solidify her tragic taste in suitors, she went and kept Jeff around for another week, despite the fact that A) he is still wearing that stupid mask and B) he is still wearing that stupid mask. Seriously, honey, we expect a certain level of nitwittery on shows like this, but you're taking us to a whole new level. A really low one.

Do you agree with Ash's picks from last night? Or are you worried that she's wacky when it comes to guys, too?

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