Felicity Huffman Felicity Huffman

Oh, that Lynette Scavo is just the worst.

Seriously, of all the Desperate Housewives' harridans, we have never seen such a shrew, and that's including Bree's mercifully forgotten daughter, Danielle! Remember that mess?

As far back as the first season, Lynette has been a monster. She didn't want to be a mother to her brood of brats (no wonder they caused so much trouble), and has pretty much done everything possible to win the Bad Wife of Forever award. Some of her highlights? Take your pick. Over the past seven years, Scary Scavo has released a rat in her home to force Tom to clean up — way to expose the family to the hantavirus, hon — screwed him out of a promotion, and hired her secretary to kidnap the twins... Again to teach Tom "a lesson" in parenting. Yeah, that's like Dina Lohan offering tips on setting boundaries.

And last night, Lynette once again gave into her addiction to being awful by refusing to give Tom the dream office he hired her and Renee to create for him. Nope, she had to go and design her husband what she thought he really needed to have. Thankfully, Renee went behind her back and whipped up the Trump-lite workspace Tom actually asked for, leading the usually spineless Mr. Scavo to finally give his passive-aggressive Mrs. the what's-what for constantly trying to emasculate him.

It probably won't stick, and God knows Lynette will likely come up with some horrific scheme to scare her man back into line, but we loved seeing Tom stand up for himself. Now if only he would go from putting his foot down to putting one in front of the other and leave that woman once and for all.

Do you agree? Is Lynette the worst, or is there another housewife you're desperately tired of?

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