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Wow, is Juliet the Upper East Side's answer to The O.C.'s Oliver?

Not since the self-punching psychopath who obsessed over Marisa and heralded the beginning of the end for Fox's sudser has their been such vehemence surrounding an interloper among the pretty-young-things set. Fittingly, both Oliver and Juliet — played deliciously by Katie Cassidy, who so needs to headline the upcoming Charlie's Angels TV reboot — are the creations of showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Only this time, unlike Oliver, who just sucked, Juliet has become the character we both bitch about and kind of crush on.

And we're not the only ones feeling the love-hate. All over Twitter last night, the comments were fast and ferocious ("I'm ready for Juliet to pass away," tweeted one of the few fans not employing vulgarities), and they only got more furious as the episode played out. The fact that Juliet aligned with the show's super-despised Vanessa and Jenny to bring down Serena may have aided in upping the ire being hurled at her, but that collaboration is sure to implode soon enough. After all, Jenny? She needs to go, and go far away. How Juliet fares after she's exposed — and how fans will feel about her then — remains to be seen. As long as she doesn't end up waving a gun and going all wacko like Oliver did, we could have ourselves a vixen worth a few return visits once Cassidy's initial run is resolved.

How do you feel about Gossip Girl's Juliet?

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