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Spotted: Viewers laughing our blogs off at last night's Gossip Girl season ender.

True story. From Eric's "I'm still gay," to the fawning Constance girls, to Georgina's "I haven't been this bored since I believed in Jesus," to Serena's "I'd ask how you are, but I don't really care," the episode (written by series exec producer Joshua Safran) was packed with zingers as sharp as the costumes were insane. Really, does anyone dress better for a night out than these people?

Since it was the season finale, the hour was also loaded with enough twists to satisfy even those of us who had tired of waiting for someone to drop a house on Vanessa or explain why Nate has no real storyline. While neither of those happened, we did get some doozies. Turns out Cousin Charlie is really some grifter named Ivy working for Lily's hippie-hateful sister down in Florida; Dan has a secret Upper East Side-bashing manuscript; Chuck's matured enough to let Blair go so she can marry snoozy Prince Louis; Serena can actually read; and somebody has a bun in the oven.

Who that is remains to be seen, but since the pregnancy test was found by Dorota, it's pretty much down to roomies Blair or the now LA-based, Hollywood player Serena. Somehow, we're betting that neither of them will be cracking as wise as they were tonight once the unexpected news breaks next season.

Who do you think is the mommy-to-be? And how would you rate GG's season finale?

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