Glee Glee

No oops needed. Because Glee did it again.

Just when it was getting easier than Santana to write off the show as all cracked eggs and no omelet, they went and knocked it out of the lip-synching park with their Britney Spears episode. Granted, there was about as much plot as there was in Crossroads, and most of the hour was randomly strung-together fantasies sprung from the nitrous tank of John Stamos' dentist character, but when the fun (and quotability) is at a level this high, we'll let it pass. This time.

However, a few nits:

Yeah, this was wildly entertaining and wickedly funny, while also being kind of stingy with the storytelling. But there were a few stories set up last night, so we hope the writers will keep it up and actually let them play out. If not, well, there's always the hope that Brittany S. Pearce will at least get that Ke$ha solo sometime soon.

What did you think of "Britney/Brittany"?

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