Jamie Lauren Jamie Lauren

Spoiler alert! Well, it's about time!

For at least the last three weeks, Jamie Lauren, the diminutive downer from Top Chef's fifth season, has been trashing up the otherwise exquisite All Stars edition with her bitchy attitude, boring creations and obvious annoyance with having to, you know, prepare actual food. Seriously, why was she brought back? What does she do other than make scallops and complain? And who should have had her spot? Countless others, really.

So it was copious amounts of glee that we watched last night as she finally got the hook — fittingly during a fish challenge that also sent home season-one's repentant sourpuss Tiffani Faison. True to Jamie's dreadful form, of course, she was all "whatever, it happens" after Padma told her to pack her knives, once again proving that she was never in this to win this. Hell, we're not even sure if she was in this to cook.

But now she's gone and we can all move on to more important things. Like getting rid of Marcel and his damn foam. Seriously, that is not a food!

Are you happy Jamie is gone? Who needs to go next?

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