Clear your schedules, kids. It's time for some screening. The official trailers for both SyFy's Battlestar Galatica: Online and HBO's eagerly anticipated Game of Thrones dropped recently and I'm not ashamed to say that the clips have been eating my free time ever since. The first, an effects extravaganza for the massively multiplayer online game, promises players the chance to enter the BSG fray between Cylons and survivors, without actually telling us when that promise will be fulfilled (sometime in the fall, according to developer Bigpoint's website). The second, a tragically short teaser for the tremendously ambitious series, serves mostly as proof that the network known for winning adaptations of literary entities (Sex and the City, True Blood) knows what it's doing with George RR Martin's fantasy novels. Now if only they would set a premiere date for the damn thing and let us feast on what is shaping up to be the buzziest show of the 2011 season!

Do either of these trailers have you counting the days 'til they become a reality?

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