Blakeley Blakeley

Forget about the freaks coming out at night. It was the claws that came out last night! 

After the season premiere, we all thought Jenna, the blogger from New York, would be The Bachelor's biggest troublemaker. She was teeny, needy, had nine-inch roots and cried at the drop of a rose petal — basically everything that goes into making a memorable mess who rubs everyone the wrong way. 

But last night, the girl deemed Scary Bradshaw on Twitter — by a show producer, no less — was completely eclipsed by Blakeley, the North Carolina native who claims to be both 34 and a "VIP cocktail waitress," whatever that is. Not that Jenna didn't serve up some crazy (her post-elimination cry was classic enough to have been ABC's promo weeks before the season began), it's just that Blakeley went hard to earn the hate of her fellow contestants. From engaging Ben in a mid-pool mack session in front of everyone to interrupting the other girls' alone time with him even after scoring a rose, buxom Blakeley inspired some amazingly catty comments from Ben's harem of hopefuls.

"She's a stage-five clinger."

"She's a bitch."

"She's candy-striping hooker."

"Her name makes me wanna gag."

"I don't want her horse-face in my face."

It was so deliciously mean-girly and honestly, we can understand the gang's annoyance. The woman was single-minded in her mission to ambush anyone else trying to make a love connection, and it doesn't even seem like she's that into Ben. Maybe she's just gunning for an invite to Season 3 of Bachelor Pad, but until then, thanks to her hateful behavior, the rest of the house is gunning for her.

Did you catch Blakeley's power plays last night? Is this woman unreal or just another reality-TV creation? 

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