Former child actor turned porn star Scotty Schwartz says he's ready to hang up his G-string. The 32-year-old, who starred in 1982's The Toy and went on to become an actor/agent in the adult movie biz, tells TV Guide Online that his appearance at the Adult Video News awards show in Las Vegas on Jan. 8 will mark his official farewell from the industry.

"After 14 years of hanging out with the gang, it's time to move on," says Schwartz, who bared all in movies like Scotty's X-Rated Adventure and New Wave Hookers 5. "I just got tired of it. Like anything else, when you hang out with a group of people or have a job for a number of years, it gets tiresome."

Schwartz says he grew especially tired of his gig as an agent to several X-rated stars. "It is the most horrifying job," he says. "There's so much flakiness. They'd be late, or not show up at all. There's a small amount of drug use, and everybody drinks. All of their actions fell back on me, so I was the one that got my behind handed to me.

"I also got tired of trying to get money out of the girls for the job that I'd done for them," he adds. "It was just a hassle."

Schwartz is now working at his dad's Los Angeles-based business, Baseball Cards and Movie Collectables Etc., and is considering a return to more conventional acting work. "I got some new headshots that are just being made up, and hopefully I'll get out there again and maybe get some work," he says. "We'll see what happens, you know?

"I got stopped in the post office yesterday by two people who recognized me," continues Schwartz, still best remembered as the kid who got his tongue stuck on an icy flagpole in the 1983 holiday classic A Christmas Story. "It's nice that I have fans that appreciate the work that I've done and will still say 'Hi' after 18 years."