After seven years of floating around in space, the babes of Star Trek: Voyager say they're ready to come back down to Earth. Stars Jeri Ryan and Roxann Dawson ? both named among the "Sexiest Stars in the Universe" by TV Guide ? say they expect the starship Voyager to return home by the time the series ends its run this coming season.

"I'm putting my vote in now ? I think we will," Ryan, who plays Seven of Nine on the series, tells the TV Guide Channel. "But I don't know if it'll be midway through the season, [giving our characters] time to develop what happens once we're there, or if that'll sort of close the show as a finale. I'm not entirely convinced that [the writers] know yet!"

Dawson, who plays B'Elanna Torres and also directs an occasional Voyager episode, admits the actors are as anxious to find out what happens as the show's fans. "We'll probably make it home, although I'm not a writer and I don't really know what they're planning to do," she says. "They keep us in the dark, I think so that we don't tell people. But I have a feeling that we'll make it home. I don't know if we'll make it home in one piece, but I think we'll get here."

Meanwhile, both stars are already busy charting their post-Voyager courses. Ryan's about to begin shooting Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000, due in theaters this December. And Dawson this month is publishing the first in a planned trilogy of science-fiction novels, Entering Tenebria, co-authored by pal Daniel Graham.

"I was always sort of interested in any kind of a medium where you could just stretch your imagination," says Dawson. "And science fiction is just the best for that. I mean anything can happen!"