It's not shocking that starring in a Hilary Duff movie is what lead to Superstore's Ben Feldman being recognized in public. It's where he was recognized that makes the story of his most memorable fan encounter so interesting - and dark.

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After his turn as Adam Forrest, Duff's love interest in 2005's The Perfect Man, Feldman spent a day visiting a Holocaust memorial, where he was unexpectedly joined by a Canadian tour group of teens who had seen his work — and wanted to document their celebrity encounter.

"All of a sudden I was taking pictures with little teenagers with braces, smiling, with a giant wall of atrocities behind us," Feldman told "Somewhere those pictures exist. Those were my first real fans."

Yikes! Maybe they could have taken the pictures outside? Watch Feldman's recollection of the cringe-worthy memory in the video above.

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