J.B. Smoove.... Where does one begin? The actor/comedian had us beside ourselves for, like, five minutes before tape rolled, riffing on how my producer's glen-plaid pants matched - almost exactly - his cap. I thought he'd never calm down!

Eventually, J.B. opened up about how he scored his series-regular gig on Fox's 'Til Death, which returns Wednesday night. ( Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David gets the mad props.)

Smoove also reveals (or not) what the J.B. stands for (that's at the 0:45 mark), then "previews" the second season of 'Til Death, Mon (as he calls it), in which he claims the series relocates to Jamaica. "Me and Brad Garrett are gonna do it all!" he promises - and you nearly believe him. Exasperating! - Matt Mitovich