On Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late-night host announced his candidacy for vice president of the United States. Not president, vice president (an appointed position). He's basically just letting the presidential candidates know that he's available if called upon to serve. Which, OK.

Jimmy Kimmel is a prankster. This is a prank. But it's not a particularly funny or clear prank. What's his point other than making a not-particularly-good joke? When Stephen Colbert ran for President in 2007 (and raised money through a Super PAC in 2011), it was a specific criticism of the brokenness of the American democratic system. Kimmel's faux-campaign doesn't appear to have that focus. The only indicator of what Kimmel is doing here is his response to being asked if he knows anything about politics: "Does anyone know anything about politics, really?" If that's a reference to the confounding success of the Trump campaign, he should say so. Parody doesn't work if nobody knows what you're parodying.

What do you think is the point of this? Do you think it's funny? Would you vote for Jimmy Kimmel if you could?

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