Veronica MarsI have to say I think I kinda like Logan and Veronica when they are split up and bickering. I mean, obviously I love them together, but then we wouldn't get great lines like, "Oh, you are being a jackass... it must be an even-numbered day. I do so prefer the odd-numbered days when you are kissing my ass for a favor." So they argue, but he totally had her back when she had a run-in with the nasty Fighting Fitzgerald gang. He was like her knight in shining armor... though I really hate that yellow steed he drives. But Weevil's little Russian roulette game with Logan seems like it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, which I cannot wait to watch. Duncan was being a weirdo and that doesn't seem like it is going anywhere, though I'm curious as to the contents of that letter. His dreams about Meg? What is up with that? Though I loved that he envisioned his current girlfriend in that sexy outfit at the beginning. I know it was supposed to be all bad-girl and un-Veronica, but whoa, she looked good! And Mac is back. And she's the Q to Veronica's Bond. Yay, and they uncovered a whole "Pump up the Volume"-style underground radio station now being run by Butters, I mean, Vincent. But gotta love that Veronica's big plan when knocking on the door and seeing the vice principal was to rely on Rocky Horror dialogue in order to get in the door. She's a resourceful one that Veronica  she must get that from her dad, who was on to Marcos' dad and his plot to frame the school district right from the get-go. They really are the coolest father-daughter combo on TV. And I'm not just saying that because

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