Dawson's Creek kid James Van Der Beek says he's tired of being known as his alter ego, the sensitive Dawson Leary. He just wants to be himself — especially in a strip club.

"When people shout 'Dawson,' I completely ignore them," the actor tells Flaunt. "Dawson's not me — Dawson has a lot of flaws, and I have to play him nine months out of the year. There are days when you're just not in the mood for it. People act like you're obligated. Like I owe them. The kids I don't mind. I just have no patience for rude, pushy adults."

Even when I go to a t---y club, all [the strippers] want to do is talk about their innermost problems," Van Der Beek laments. "How can I watch them strip when they're being so vulnerable? It's not hard to feel sorry for them."

But Van Der Beek says he's no playboy. "There are a lot of starf----rs. It's amazing the perspective you get when you have no interest in f---ing them. Now I keep all the blood in my head. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful relationship. If it weren't for [my girlfriend], I might end up doing something stupid. Guys can be a---holes. Who knows how much trouble I'd get into if I were single."

Van Der Beek also adds being a teen idol isn't all it's cracked up to be. "I miss not being able to just start a random conversation without it being about me. I'd love to alter my appearance without having any plastic surgery. I've sometimes donned a fake beard and glasses, but I look foolish."