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Throughout The Vampire Diaries' run, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) has been on his own, in love, "the ripper" and brokenhearted. But looking back, Stefan is always at his best when he's single. Don't get us wrong — this isn't about why Elena (Nina Dobrev) should be with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) instead of Stefan, but rather why as a character Stefan has always been the most appealing, likable and downright sexy when alone. And if Thursday's episode wasn't enough proof (hello, doing push-ups in the woods!), here are four reasons why we prefer him that way:

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1. He's sexy when angry
As Damon softens up, Mystic Falls is seriously lacking some angry brooding. Fortunately, Stefan has stepped up and taken over as the town's new resident bad boy. And we aren't complaining! Without Elena to woo, the romantic dreamer has transformed into a badass, kicking butt and taking names (and a few lives here and there). It's not hard to admit that as Stefan's temper heats up, so do we.