Candice Accola Candice Accola

The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola says that Caroline and Bonnie are going to continue to grow much closer.

In last week's episode, "All My Children," Caroline consoled Bonnie when her mother, Abby, was turned into a vampire. While it's always been Elena by Bonnie's side, Acccola says Caroline will be the one she turns to since her relationship with Elena is strained.

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"Caroline and Bonnie are at a very strong place," Accola says. "Last season there was a rough spot between Caroline and Bonnie being that when Caroline turned into a vampire it was everything that Bonnie was against, but Caroline has proven she's a good friend."

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In the video below, we chat with Accola on the set of Abby's house where she talks more about the pair's friendship and why Klaus' "dangling carrot" is tempting for Caroline.

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