Most musicians appear on Carpool Karaoke to sing their greatest hits and those of other artists, but James Corden had something else in mind for Usher.

On Tuesday's Late Late Show, the TV host recruited the "Yeah!" singer for a bit of karaoke and different, unrelated activities like... teaching a lesson on swag? Yep, Usher showed Corden the proper way to enter a club and it went about as well as you'd expect.

"First of all, you gotta turn to the side and then walk," Usher explained in the video. Corden tried to replicate the slick side step but it was less Cool Guy Entering a Club and more Awkward Dad Giving Off Secondhand Embarrassment. Obviously, some things just can't be taught.

Uncoordinated walking aside, this latest edition of Carpool Karaoke also had the singer opening up about his "veganism" (though he still eats beef, chicken and bacon) and cleaning his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. "I just find it odd. You work all of these years as hard as you can only to have people walk over you as a star," he said of his plaque. That didn't stop the singer from breaking out a rag to give it a good shine.

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Usher, Carpool KaraokeUsher, Carpool Karaoke

Additional highlights from the segment include helping a few stranded commuters push their car into an alley, his amazing car dancing and, of course, that undeniably smooth singing voice.

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