For the first time in 10 years, former Beverly Hills 90210 heroine Jennie Garth didn't return to work in July with the rest of the TV industry. But that's just one of many ways her life has changed since the Fox drama went off the air last May.

"It's really weird... it's settling in a little bit that everyone's back at work and I'm not," she tells TV Guide Online. "But on one hand, it's great. I've been working really hard for 10 years on this one character and this one show and I feel like I definitely deserve a break. So, it felt really good to not be working."

Garth — who has a 3 year-old daughter, Luca Bella, with fiancé/actor Peter Facinelli — adds that she's also "loving the time I get to spend with my family and sort of make my own schedule. I'm just entering into phase-two of the adjustment, which is starting to get excited about new projects. I'm a different kind of actor now, so it's fun... it's definitely a growing experience."

Well, Garth won't be able to play hookey much longer. In addition to optioning the book Rapture of Caanan ("My mother did the screenplay adaptation and now we're just trying to get a producer"), the actress will appear in six episodes of Fox's new Wall Street soap, The Street, which debuts Nov. 1.

"I'm going to try it out and see how that feels," she says of the show, which reteams her with her onetime 90210 boss, Darren Star. Might she stick around longer if asked? "As of right now, it's six episodes," she explains. "You're in, you're out. Other than that, I'm just reading scripts constantly and looking for the right project."

And planning a 90210 reunion, natch. "We're actually thinking about having a little dinner or something," she says of the gang from West Beverly. "I've seen Lindsay [Price] and Tori [Spelling] and Tiffani-[Amber Thiessen] independently several times. The guys I haven't seen yet or talked to, but I get reports on them all the time. People see them and they're like, 'I saw Brian [Austin Green] the other day. He looks great. He said to say, 'Hello.'