In last night's Paradise Hotel finale, a last-minute switcheroo found the helter-skelter reality "contest" naming Keith and Charla the winners. But even more shocking was that, while our new hero Keith split his jackpot with bed buddy Tara, Charla opted not to share with her besotted sidekick, Dave, who, despite his penchant for lying, never once wavered in his support of her. (Ouch!) Even more shocking was the fact that the big "ultimate prize" host Amanda Byram was always going on about turned out to be a paltry $250,000 each. (Yawn.) But most shocking of all, good guy Keith and Tara invited their tormentors on an all-expenses-paid vacation in Vegas. (What are they, nuts?!) Not shocking at all was the fact that Toni and Co. held onto their titles as the most hypocritical creatures on Earth.