Coyote Ugly hottie Adam Garcia will be more than happy if the film's success turns him into a major star. In fact, he can't wait until the media starts following him around his local grocery store.

"I want the stardom ? I'm not in this for art," he tells TV Guide Online, dripping with sarcasm. "I like money, chicks and cars. That's what I'm aiming for!"

Seriously, the Aussie import says that "stardom is a bit stupid. It's a stupid, empty, vacant concept." And then, slipping back into witty mode, he adds, "So... I want to be famous and that's exactly why ? it's stupid, empty and vacant."

Garcia should know. He's already made a splash in England playing Tony Manero in the theatrical production of Saturday Night Fever, from which his single "Night Fever" topped the charts and landed him teen idol status. But the up-and-comer downplays his popularity overseas.

"There were girls who waited at the stage door, but I wasn't like a household name in England by any stretch of the imagination," he recalls. "I'm blind so I used to wear these big glasses and no one would recognize me. They'd sort of go, 'It is him!' They imagine you to walk around like Tony Manero with tight white pants on and a big poofy haircut. You're just not going to do that to yourself."

Next, Garcia starts shooting the Penny Marshall-directed film Riding in Cars With Boys, co-starring Drew Barrymore. He'll also be tap dancing during the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. "It's going to be a great thing to be in my hometown, Sydney," he admits. "I wonder if I'll win. Bring home the gold!"