William Shatner, Justin Halpern William Shatner, Justin Halpern

Now that his hit Twitter feed and subsequent book have become the basis for CBS' new comedy $#*! My Dad Says (airing tonight, 8:30/7:30c) — which tonight finds Henry battling his father (William Shatner) over their pad's Wi-Fi connection — we asked author Justin Halpern to hook us up with his top tips for Tweeting.

Don't try to sell somebody something. While Twitter is riddled with stars blasting out paid ads, Halpern's more impressed with folks who offer their opinions for free. For example, "I checked out LeVar Burton's feed and all it said was, 'Saw District 9. Awesome.' And that just made me laugh!"

Speak the truth. "Make sure it's something that's honest, real and funny," says the King of Tweets, who originally created his own account to entertain his friends.

Avoid TMI. "Don't Tweet 20 times a day," cautions Halpern, citing certain celebs who overshare. "I don't care that Kim Kardashian is eating a sandwich."

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