Kathy Garver, who played perky teen Cissy on Family Affair, admits she feels a touch of sadness whenever she catches reruns of the enduring 1960's family sitcom.

"It does bring a sadness to me but, then again, there's that memory that lives on and is right there and that I can go to," says Garver, 52, one of only two surviving cast members from the popular series (she's joined by John Whitaker, 40, who played TV brother Jody). Despite the deaths of three key cast members — Brian Keith, Sebastian Cabot and Anissa Jones — Garver remains hopeful that there will someday be a reunion movie based on the series.

The actress-producer told TV Guide Online at the recent Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show that she's currently trying to win rights to produce the Family Affair pic. Rights to the project were most recently held by Sid and Marty Krofft, the producers behind the legendary 1970s kid's show H.R. Pufnstuff. But those rights have since expired and the project is once again up for grabs, she says.

Despite her fondness for the series, Garver's the first to admit that she's not the world's foremost Family Affair authority. "Some of those [brain] cells have shut down," she jokes. "I don't remember some of them, although I have some fans who remember every single episode, and they remember them better than I do!"

Looking back, Garver says it was sometimes difficult going through adolescence while at the same time starring on a popular TV show. "I was a cheerleader and a very friendly person, but then, when people started coming up to me all the time, it made me much shyer," she says. "I had to work back through that self-consciousness kind of stage to get friendly again. I'm not shy anymore!"