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Between going to the gym, tanning and doing laundry (GTL), the housemates of Jersey Shore still make time for fighting. As we prepare for the separation anxiety that will surely set in after Thursday's season finale (10/9c, MTV), let's take a look back at our favorite fights —physical and otherwise.

5. Episode 2, "The Tanned Triangle"
What happened: In the same night, Sammy "Sweetheart" kisses Mike "The Situation" and then hooks up with Ronnie. Things get heated. The Situation pouts in the hot tub with some new friends.
Why it was awesome: After watching the Situation brag about his sexual prowess for a full episode and a half, it's satisfying to see him get shown up by Ronnie. (Is that bad?)

4. Episode 6, "Boardwalk Blowups"
What happened: On their way home from a bar, Ronnie and Sammi exchange words with a mouthy couple who won't leave them alone on the boardwalk. When Sammi provokes them further, Ronnie pushes her, and then goes and decks the guy who was taunting them for good measure.
Why it was awesome: More voyeuristic thrills: Two guys in muscle Ts brawl while their girlfriends watch.

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3. Episode 6, "Boardwalk Blowups"
What happened: The Situation brings home a cute girl, but doesn't want her not-so-cute friends to tag along. He asks Snooki to help him out of his predicament, which leads to an all-out catfight and her getting hit in the face... again.
Why it was awesome: Poor Snooki is always at the center of the action, whether as victim or aggressor. At least she wasn't arrested.

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2. Episode 6, "Boardwalk Blowups"
What happened: Ronnie teases Sammi about her "Flintstone" big toe in a cab on the way home. Bad move, Ronnie. Sammi is incensed by his teasing, which annoys him enough to send him out to the bars with the boys to "creep" on some new girls.
Why it was awesome: Humorless Sammi almost breaks up with her boyfriend because he made fun of her big toe!

1. Episode 7, "What Happens in A.C."
What happened: JWoww has too much to drink and isn't happy when The Situation won't bring her back to their hotel room. First, she slaps him and gets kicked out of a bar. When he returns to the room, she slaps him again for good measure.
Why it was awesome: After The Situation makes a crack about Snooki's weight at dinner, who didn't want to slap him?

Honorable Mention: Episode 4, "Fade to Black"
What happened: After an argument about free drinks, a random bar patron cold-cocks Snooki. MTV didn't air the footage of the actual punch, and we don't endorse assault, but it was certainly the most talked-about moment of the season.
Why it was awesome: It wasn't.