I told you we wanted to get it just right, and I think it came out pretty darn swell. A sneak peek at TV Guide Talk No. 139's 58-plus minutes of goodness:

" A special introduction.

" An update on the podcast's future.

" Lively discussion of the latest news headlines, including NCIS, Friday Night Lights, Runway's big move and Smallville.

" Mike teases Angel one last time.

" One last Matt-vs.-Matt Prison Break debate.

" Does Maitland have the hottest voice? Discuss.

" 30 Rock preview! (And it ain't all pretty.)

" Many, many reader emails and blog postings.

" Maitland lets slip with a most unexpected movie recommendation.

And maybe... just maybe... a special visitor or two (or four, depending on what sort of blouse one of them was wearing).

I say this in the 'cast, and need to say it again here: You guys are the best. The messages, the outpouring of sentiment... blew us all away. And now I'm getting misty-eyed, again. Oh, just go listen to/download/stream No. 139 already!