X-Files star David Duchovny may have sufficiently repaired his post-lawsuit relationship with series creator

Chris Carter (he agreed to return for 11 episodes next season), but to Carter, the thinking behind the suit remains an X-file of its own.

"I still [have] yet to understand, truly, what it is I was accused of doing and have it articulated to me in any kind of understandable way," Carter told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, CA. "There's still a little bit of a mystery to me, but lawsuits are mysterious and I'm happy just to move on and try to do the good work that we've done together." (For the record, Duchovny's suit essentially accused Carter and Fox of cutting a sweetheart deal to sell X-Files rerun rights to sister network FX for a lower-than-market-value price, thus cheating Duchovny out of his share of a potentially higher-priced deal with someone else.)

Carter fielded ? and artfully dodged ? many a question about the upcoming season, but did reveal some details on John Doggett, the new character to be played by Sopranos guest-star and former evil Terminator Robert Patrick. Doggett, who will be brought in to try to locate the abducted Mulder, is "very much an insider at the FBI," said Carter, who stressed that while he will work with Scully, he's not her partner or a replacement for Mulder. "He's part of the fraternity. Mulder had always been an outsider, the consummate outsider. We wanted somebody who was blue-collar, former cop, a man's man."

And what of the pregnant Scully? How did she attain that state when we've never seen her get close to the required intimate relations? "There is a potential she was having sex," Carter admitted. "We're going to play with that storyline this year, actually, and find out what exactly happened."