Alexander Skarsgard Alexander Skarsgard

It ain't easy being vamp candy. Fed up with being fed on, Sookie (Anna Paquin) is tempted to start a new life sans Bill (Stephen Moyer) — or any other bloodsucker, including Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) — in True Blood's third-season finale.

"By the end, she's just like, 'Oh, God, I hate you all'... for a moment," says creator Alan Ball. Sookie's not the only one feeling frayed. Eric's torn about his revenge on Russell (Denis O'Hare); Tara (Rutina Wesley) discovers a surprise about Sam (Sam Trammell); Jason (Ryan Kwanten) does Hotshot a favor; and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) sees a new side of new boyfriend Jesus (Kevin Alejandro).

You can bet someone won't survive. "I always think it's really exciting and shocking to kill off people that you wouldn't necessarily see coming," Paquin says. Sookie may be thinking of leaving fangers forever, but one character isn't going anywhere. Teases Ball, "Someone's future will be cemented."

True Blood airs Sunday at 9/8c on HBO

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